Great Tips For Sharing

When to start packing - The best time to start packing is now or as soon as your moving is confirmed!
Labelling the boxes - Label on the sides of the boxes, so you are able to identify them even when stacked. Indicate which room it will goes to and unpack by room. You will feel more manageable.
Take photos of how your electronics are connected - So that you can remember how and where all the wires go. Unlikely the movers are going to link up your TV, DVD player, computer, modem, router and sound system for you.
Use all your baskets, bags and luggage - Pack them with stuff. It will cut down on boxes. Wheeled suitcases are best for books.
Big plastic bags are great for clothing - Bundle and wrap your clothes with the hangers on. This is the fastest way to pack & unpack the closet.
Defrost your refrigerator - Do it at least a day before moving. And wipe up any liquid. Else you are going to have a stinky, wet mess when you get to your new home.
Pack essential items in clear plastic container - Chances are, you will be too tired to unpack all your things. You want your essentials within easy access. The clear container allows you to see inside.
Complete packing before the movers show up - You can always ask MOVER 168 for packing and unpacking service as much or little help as you need :)